Founded in 1968 by Gurdial (Gordie) Singh Doman, Centurion Lumber is now a third-generation family business. We believe our longevity and success can be credited to our commitment to our facilities, our customers our innovative product development and the incredible dedication of our staff.

In 1955, Gordie was one of the original founders of Doman Industries but left in 1968 to concentrate on his own business – G.S. Doman Ltd.; a wholesale lumber company. The name was later changed to Centurion Lumber and quickly expanded into lumber remanufacturing and trucking. The trucking business grew quickly and licenses were obtained to haul in the USA. The trucking division was later sold but two drivers were kept on to service the growing lumber business. Those two drivers were employees number 1 and 2 and would work for Centurion for the next 35 years before retiring.

In 1978, Gordie Doman passed away suddenly and his son, Jerry took over the day-to-day operations eventually expanded the remanufacturing capacity and got into custom processing under the name Chemainus Forest Products (CFP). Both CFP and Copper Canyon Timber have solid reputations for service, quality of work and a collection of product offerings that quickly developed their own reputation in the global marketplace.

Over the years, Centurion Lumber has continued to expand and in 2000 entered into the Veneer business.This lead to the creation of Thompson River Veneer Products in 2007.

A Family Enterprise

Jerry was joined by his younger twin brothers, Randy and Ronnie in the day-to-day operations at Centurion. Randy is involved in the remanufacturing side of the business and Ronnie is the Controller for the Group of Companies.

Today, Jerry’s three children are now involved in the business. Gordon and Jaron have been instrumental in developing the Access Matt division and the day-to-day running of trucking operations while Denesha, a recent graduate with honours from Queens is concentrating on learning all aspects of the business.