Unparalleled safety and quality.

We’re here to help you choose the most affordable, cost-effective access mat solution to ensure that your project’s safety and progress aren’t compromised or impeded by unstable or saturated ground. Our access mats mean your operation can continue smoothly.Over 90% of our Mat Building Team is First Nations.

Access Mats Specs

  • Made from the highest quality coastal Hem-Fir available. Graded to a Hi-Line #2 structural and better.
  • Dimensions: 8′ x 14′ • Thickness: 5”.
  • Engineered bolt pattern – 177 bolts provide high physical resistance to diamond shaping, maximum holding power, maximum durability.
  • 10” interlocking fingers /12” Pockets – to match your existing inventory.
  • All boltholes drilled “perpendicular” resulting in tighter fitting bolts. Less wear, Longer lasting mats.
  • Precision countersinking – Promotes maximum board holding strength and eliminates “cleating” or bolt-ends protruding beyond the bottom surface of the mat.
  • Custom bolt length eliminates the need to break off bolt-ends. No Cleating.
  • Top outside edge boards inset 3/8” – Helps protect the outside top and bottom edge boards from fork and grapple damage.

Common Applications

Access roads, leases, pipeline crossings, staging areas, camps, tank farms, under drilling/completion rigs, environmentally sensitive areas, pipeline construction, migration routes,muskeg, remote helicopter pads, emergency egress, accessing spills for environmental cleanup, transmission line construction, wind farm construction.

Custom Sizing Available. We also produce pipeline skids and cradles.